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About Us


Kieron & Chris

Founders EXP101


This is how it began……

I’m Kieron , otherwise known as “TheBoyBailey”, and he is Chris; we are hospitality experience junkies; always have been, always will be .

We have spent a lifetime in hospitality & are passionate about the industry like many of you.

What we are really passionate about though is the next generation who will join our industry …or not . At present nearly 50% of entry level team members leave the industry in the first 90 days …and that’s poor.

We want to address this , we will use our events to put the most exciting speakers in our industry not just in front of senior executives but in front of the future , the college leavers, Graduates & anyone who needs a leg up into a new industry.

Through partnering with www.vidleos.com we have created our own digital platform where you can view speakers from every event and upload your own video to share with like minded hospitality friends, we call it the tribe and you can join by clicking below , it’s basically a crystal ball into your future career…..click below to become part of the tribe and see what this amazing industry has in store for you!

See you soon…

Chris & Kieron