Exp101 Supports Only A Pavement Away

We are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with Only A Pavement Away at our Manchester event in June , your ticket money will revert back to the charity …below is a brief overview of what Greg and his team are trying to achieve at OAPA.

ONLY A PAVEMENT AWAY is a charity founded by representatives from the hospitality industry. We act as a conduit to help those people struggling to get into work overcome hurdles by finding jobs within the hospitality, pub and restaurant industry. Our initial focus was on helping the Homeless and those sleeping rough including those having to “sofa hop” we now work with ex-service personnel, ex-offenders and those with learning difficulties. Our aim is to act as a conduit to employment whilst negating the need for people to face an existence of living on the streets. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity and a chance to forge a career. Our industry is an exciting one built on people.

We love what the charity stands for and are fully committed to support only a pavement away in getting anyone into our amazing industry , whether it be an ex offender or someone who has fallen upon hard times.

Below you can see a stat relating to the grant given to an ex offender when they leave prison and attempt to rejoin the workforce , we have based our ticket price at £46 to signify that we need to do more to help and that we all have a responsibility in the industry to help all and not just the fortunate .

chris fletcher