Hugh Richard Wright Joins Exp101


Hugh Richard Wright

Everything a client needs...and nothing that they don’t."




You wouldn’t think twice about insuring your business against fire,

theft or disaster. But it’s harder to protect against a communications

crisis, that unforeseen event – a bad review, a public spat or the

actions of a disgruntled ex (or ex-employee) – which threatens to

undo all your hard work. DON’T PANIC. There’s an art to crisis

communications, and I have it. We’ll get through this together.


Hugh Richard Wright is a communications expert specialising in restaurants, bars and hotels. By working with only a select handful of clients, Hugh is able to deliver a personalised, bespoke service suited to each client’s individual needs – like having someone in-house, but for only as long as you need them.


Hugh believes that through building a close, mutually trusting

relationship with each client, he is able to provide everything they

need from him – whether that’s traditional PR representation and

press liaison, brand ambassadorship, social media management, digital marketing or crisis communications – and nothing that they don’t.


Hugh is one of those people you don’t often hear about or from

because a lot of his work is done in the background, keeping the

client front & centre, well apart from those times when that’s the last thing they want. At that point, we’ll be talking about somebody else, that’s the dark art of crisis management.


In this session he will be sharing his knowledge, the insight that has

helped many clients through sticky patches, and of course without ever naming names!

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