Peter Birffett Joins Exp101

Peter Birfleet

Peter Birffett

CEO Wagestream

At Exp101 we are trying to help fix problems by bringing you solutions , 46% of your employees worries/concerns are based around financial problems …Peter Birffett thinks he may have one solution….

The Problem:

UK families don’t have enough savings……

• 55% of UK families could not cover a £250 unplanned expense

• These families are penalized £3.4 bn/year:

• £1.2 billion Unarranged overdraft fees

• £2.2 billion Predatory payday loans (1000%+ APR)

• Employers want to help, but have no scalable solution for payroll cash advances

• Everything today is instant, but in the UK, 85% of workers are still paid once per month

Wagetream was founded with the desire to be a strong cause for social good , in making it possible for workers to gain fast access to accrued earnings.

Wagestream allows your employees to stream a % of their wages as they are earned, stream their salary directly into a savings account and get financial education in real-time - all without any impact to your existing systems.

Peter Briffett is a serial entrepreneur with a difference.  Not only did he lead multiple high growth global businesses, he is now the Co-founder and CEO of Wagestream, a fin-tech with a social impact! Not surprisingly, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos backed his start-up, which allows employees access to their wages as they are earned. His mission is to end the 'payday poverty cycle', give workers the ability to save and end overdraft fees, forever!   

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