The "F" Word Coach , Raf Baron Joins Exp101 Manchester

I am the F Word coach with the mission to humanize feedback conversations.

When for the first time I felt like I belong and matter in the working environment, I promised myself to always create the same feeling to people around me. 

It's my northern star. 

It was October 2006, I have just joined  Hard Rock Cafe, and since then my relentless focus on people brought me to where I am today.

Two years ago I decided to scale that feeling.

As a feedback coach and leader, I believe that until psychological safety is not established, feedback will continue inducing anxiety and creating tension between people. 

As a successful athlete, coaching and challenging others whilst being focused on self-improvement is in my blood. Combining the two created my unique approach to the feedback:

Allowing people to stay in a receptive state, not a defensive, through psychological safety. Then moving into real-time, ad hoc coaching conversations that will challenge people and help them grow.

I am honoured to join the incredible panel of speakers in Manchester and looking forward to meeting you in person.

People and hospitality. It can't get any better for me.

chris fletcher